Compliance Culture: Embedding Integrity and Security in Every Layer

In the realm of financial services, a robust culture of compliance is a critical asset, especially for startups and scale-ups that are navigating their path in a regulated industry. At Caxton Payments, we believe that a strong compliance culture is not just about adhering to regulations; it's about integrating these principles into every facet of the organisation, from the top down.

The Foundation: Leadership's Role in Compliance Culture

As Rupert Lee-Browne, CEO of Caxton emphasises, "It is the responsibility of the chief executive, the leader, to maintain the integrity of those businesses and to maintain the safety and the integrity of both customer data and customer money or whatever asset it is that you’re engaged in." This statement underscores the idea that the impetus for a robust compliance culture begins at the leadership level.

Leadership must not only understand and implement current compliance practices but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that compliance is not a static goal but a dynamic, evolving process that adapts to new regulatory landscapes and technological advancements.

Embedding Compliance Across All Levels

At Caxton Payments, we recognise that a culture of compliance permeates every level of the organisation. It's a collective ethos that informs decision-making, client interactions, and internal processes. This culture is about empowering every team member with the knowledge and tools they need to uphold compliance standards.


Every employee at Caxton Payments is trained in the nuances of compliance, ensuring that they understand not only what compliance entails but also why it is essential. This training includes regular updates on changing regulations and emerging risks, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of compliance knowledge.


Prevalent and emerging risks are discussed openly is whole company meetings on at least a weekly basis. Compliance and security risks are discussed regularly so that all levels and roles in the organisation understand the risks the business could be exposed to and can recognise and report anything unusual.

Integrating Compliance in Business Processes:

Our approach to integrating compliance into business processes is methodical and comprehensive. This includes risk assessments, compliance checks in product development, and ensuring that our customer service protocols adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Investing in Compliance as a Core Strategy

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, compliance is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a cornerstone of trust and integrity. For startups and scale-ups especially, navigating the complexities of compliance can be daunting.

Our framework of four pillars of compliance Professionalism, Protection, Reputation, and Value can help businesses navigate the complex regulatory environment effectively – and crucially, help them thrive in a regulated environment.

Fostering a culture of compliance, as exemplified by Caxton Payments, is about creating an environment where compliance and security are not just obligations but integral parts of the organisational fabric.

This culture ensures that startups and scale-ups can navigate the complexities of their industry confidently, knowing that every aspect of their operations aligns with the highest standards of integrity and security.

Caxton Payments takes compliance very seriously. We are dual regulated with the FCA, Cyber Essentials Certified and have a culture of compliance that comes from the top down. Our Head of Compliance, Stephen Frame is available to clients and businesses interested in working with us to help explain how we can ensure your business remains compliant when it comes to payments and financial services that you offer through Caxton. Read more about the Caxton Four Pillars of Compliance, and our Software as a Financial Service