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Caxton Payments is a tech first payments company, forging the future of payments with our in house development team constantly working to improve our product, and the experience for our customers. Caxton product priorities are security, customer experience and a completely open API. In this article you can track the latest product developments relevant to our customers as Enhancements, Features or Fixes. You can book a personal tour of any development, or the product by contacting us at hello@caxton.io. You can find out more about our API on this page or visit our developer hub and view API documentation here

Q2 2024

15 May


  • NEW FEATURE - Whatsapp for 2FA - B2B users can now choose to receive the code to access their Caxton account via Whatsapp instead of SMS text. They can update their number in their Account settings in the same area as before. We will enable this feature for B2C at a later date.


  • Added the Create Mandate endpoint for VRP
  • Added the Get Mandate endpoint for VRP
  • Added the Initiate VRP Payment endpoint


  • Fixed an issue where some Inputters/Viewers were not able to view all pages in CXTN they should be able to
  • Added the new roles of Approver and Viewer to the Single Sign On menus
  • Updated some items for Supplier Payments in the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where some accounts using Multi-Level Authorization required the user to log out and back in for the rules to take effect
  • Enhancements to the Xero Upload file format to account for different types of uploads.
  • Enhancements to the Expense Management submission process in order to improve stability
  • Introduced a limited to the "Export All Wallets" button to assist with requests and allowed it to be re-enabled
  • NEW FEATURE - Owners/Admins/Wallet Managers will be able to reset card PINS for their users
  • NEW FEATURE - Owners/Admins will be able to unlock client accounts
  • Updated Multi-Level Approval Capabilities
  • Clients can now set how many levels of approval are needed (up to 5) before a payment is sent or a recipient is added
  • Added the ability for CXTN to handle Brain payroll file type for uploads
  • Clients needing this capability will need to inform the business so that it can be activated for their account
  • Updated the new IP pages to account for some issues specific to some B2B clients
  • Updated payment reasons
  • Updated fee calculation
  • Caxton Bank details for all currencies Caxton supports will now be displayed to all B2B clients in the Bank Details section of CXTN
  • Fixed an issue where some Payroll bureaus would not be able to cancel files for their subsidiaries
  • Changed the behaviour for archiving cards. Now, if there is only one card in a wallet, that card will not be allowed to be archived if there are funds still in the wallet. Once funds have been transferred from the wallet to the account, CXTN will allow the card and wallet to be archived.


  • Fixed an issue where some registrations were not saving the users contact email and mothers maiden name
  • Fixed an issue where some debit cards had issues processing
  • Update to Regular Payments funding. On the day of the regular payment, if the trade has not been funded, CXTN will attempt to take the funds from the users balance.
  • Previously, if the debit card payment failed, the regular payment would just not be sent.
  • Fixed an issue where some clients would receive an error on the final step of setting up a regular payment
  • Updated the wording for clients when they are attempting to sign in to CXTN on the web and use their Caxton Card as a 2FA option. It should now be more clear which numbers from their card they should input.
  • Added filters to the Limit Order page to allow for easier organisation


  • Fixed outbound networking issue
  • Added the ability for admins to re-issue new card designs

Q1 2024

27 March


  • New IP pages released for all users (B2B and B2C)
  • Enhancements to UI for new IP pages
  • Enhancements to functionality for new IP Pages
  • Enhancements to IP pages to more clearly show currency amounts in all locations
  • Users will now be able to update some information for recipients even after their first payment is sent. Updates will be allowed for recipient address, email, and phone number. No other fields will be allowed to be updated once the first payment is sent.


  • Fixed an issue where some users connected to the Caxton API Client were not receiving emails
  • Enhancements to Webhook Subtypes
  • Enhancements to Account Transaction Webhooks


  • All transfers will now require a payment purpose reason.
  • Payroll payments will be allowed to be scheduled for a future date even if there are not currently funds available on the account.
  • This will be enabled for a few test clients with the release. We will notify everyone once it is enabled for all clients.
  • Any file not funded by 5 days after the transfer date will be automatically canceled.
  • Payroll files and transfers will be able to be canceled by clients provided it is at least the day before the payments are scheduled to be sent.
  • Enhancement to the Card Transactions report to show a running balance.
  • Bulk Payment and Payroll clients will now be able to download a payment details report after a file has been uploaded, instead of needing to wait for it to be approved.
  • The Expense Management page will now display even if a EM user does not currently have an Active status card. This was causing some card users issues with logging in


  • Improved messaging in platform for transactions completed via Truelayer.
  • Added the title of "Lady" to the title dropdown selection menu.
  • Bond holders will have a tax certificate auto generated for their account every year. This will display on the details page of their bond.

14 February


  • Enhancement to the TrueLayer Webhook API field character allowance
  • General enhancements to Webhooks


  • Update of Caxton logo in the upper left of CXTN
  • Enhancements to Virtual Card display in CXTN
  • Enhancements to Xero integration for Payroll and Bulk Payments


  • Update of Caxton logos on cards and on the upper left of CXTN
  • New IP page designs for a selected portion of Caxton users


  • Customers will now be charged at point of signup. This is done to reduce payment failures after we send out a card to the customer
  • Logo updates on the transactional email
  • A new offer setup for affiliates to allow topping up a user's account

31 January


  • Retrieve additional information from Truelayer (AIS)
  • Account Balances


  • Present the correct wallet load limit value based on account type
  • Enhancements to the expense fetching process
  • Enhancements to the beneficiaries retrieve bank details process
  • Account fees will be copied to subsidiaries from the parent account upon creation of the subsidiary


  • Enhancements to the Xero Payroll/Bulk Payments process
  • Update to allow for future dates to be used in the Bulk Payments/Payroll upload files
  • Message added to the Bank Details page informing clients they may not use the IBAN details for Direct Debits


  • Clients will be informed via push notification in the Caxton Retail App and email when a new recipient is added to their account. Previously they were only informed via email
  • Stability enhancements to No Login Login
  • Additional wording added to the One Click Load process to make it clear no funds are taken during the setup

17 January


  • Update to required information and payment reasons for all funds going to UAE
  • Corrected an issue with Limit Order creation
  • Corrected an issue what would sometimes occur where a clients phone number would not update


  • Added support for Payment Purpose Codes
  • Webhooks Added:
  • Card Loads
  • Payments Cancellation & Rejection
  • Settled Trades


  • Updated wording of the card offerings when a client signs up to accurately reflect the change in pricing structure
  • Update of the behaviour of the Sidebar in CXTN to ensure the correct areas are expanded and highlighted when clicked


  • Updated text on the 1 Click Load setup process to emphasize no funds are taken during the setup
  • Updated instructions for clients on how to login using their Caxton Card for verification
  • Updated instructions for clients on the My Details page when they want to update their address
  • Updated the Forgot Password process when using the mobile web browser version of CXTN


  • White card removed as an order option upon registration
  • Changes to invoicing - updated Tax Group number and removal of VAT charges
  • System email bug fixes

Q4 2023


  • Account Transaction (Event Type 2) : When Funds are received by Caxton platform account through our Bank Accounts, we will initiate a webhook event “account_credit” with webhook Source Deposit.
  • Payment (Event Type 0) : When funds leave Caxton account and bank will accept our a payment files, we will initiate a webhook event “payment_completed”
  • Trade Single Rates Endpoint Redemption improved.
  • Startdate and enddate validation in Bulk upload endpoints.
  • Improved error messages


  • All B2B users will need to have a valid mobile number in order to confirm their login attempts as of Monday, 20 November, 2023.
  • Corrected an issue where some Payroll Bureaus did not see all of their subsidiaries as login options when they initially login to their account.


  • Recent transactions have been added to the home page of the Caxton app
  • Introduced a new International Payments screen on the mobile app which explains the benefit of the feature and prompts users to complete the information form to set up their accounts.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements for an enhanced user experience.

Q3 2023

27 July

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Updated support for client specific Payroll files
Enhancement - Change in terminology “Transfer Pending” to “Awaiting Funds”
Enhancement - Log improvements for backend support.
Enhancement - Push Notification and Helpdesk improvements for uploading large files.
Enhancement - Payroll navigation added to LHS.
Enhancement - CXTN API improvements.
Enhancement - Parent Hierarchy support for Admins.
Features - Push Notifications to Mobile App for Card Transactions.

13 July product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - VRP Improvements.
Enhancement - Google Pay -> SMS and Email options to improve user experience: This will allow users to select receive Email for activation code instead of SMS.

Q2 2023

28 June product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Payroll Improvements.
Enhancement - Registration UI changes.
Features - MDES: Google Pay added for Caxton Black Currency Cards and Caxton Red Currency Cards.

18 May product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Helpdesk Portal to support BDM, Customer Success, and Partnership Manager for corporate entity.
Features - New endpoints for API.

2 May product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Renaming International Payments tab to Payments.
Enhancement - Corporate onboarding short form update to ask clients for product interests.
Enhancement - Manage Company to show combined balance(main POT + IP POT) to Move funds to/from subsidiary accounts.
Features - Sidebar – B2B Sidebar Changes and Updates

19 April product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Automate API Client – Go Live
Enhancement - New API Endpoints as requisition by Client API users.
Features - B2B Users Ability to Choose Account Type on Login.

Q1 2023

22 March product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - B2B Admins to receive Funds In email once clients send funds in.
Enhancement - Wallet load and Spend Limits updated for Retail Black and Red users.
Features - Payroll – Any clients with Payroll enabled Payouts in GBP via these clients will skip Settlements from now onwards. There will be no cutoff times for these payments. Compliance check still be holding payouts if flagged.
Features - B2B SCA – CXTN Platform will start asking all B2B customers to start verifying mobile numbers.

22 February product updates

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Allow Corporate Owners/Admins to raise a dispute on behalf of their cardholders.
Features - Support from API to upload Bacs File
Features - Bank Transfer API to allow Trading.
Features - Open banking API to allow Cards and IP Payments.

8 February product updates

Focused on business product and app enhancements.

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Ability to select tag for Recipients.
Enhancement - Allow Bulk Payments standalone product for B2B.
Features - TSP API
Features - Cash delivery API

Q4 2022

8 December product updates

In the final release for the year we have delivered the final pieces of tech to deliver our convenient open banking solution to customers.

Release Type - Description
Features - Full open banking features delivered with True Layer and Ozone integrations
Enhancement - API enhancement. See developer hub and view API documentation here
Fixes - Corporate email/suffix blocking functionality, now configurable
Fixes - Removed fees on bond pay out

23 November product updates

Focused on business product and app enhancements

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Corporate Registration – Choose Products page improvements
Enhancement - Pagination on B2B Manage Wallet page
Enhancement - Email Text update for B2B registrations
Fixes - Manage Company – withdrawal funds – full amount
Features - Updates to API see developer hub and view API documentation here

9 November product updates

Focused on business product and app enhancements

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - 2FA Text code input - Changed to clear text for better security
Enhancement - Improvements to HelpdeskPortal Audit log page
Fixes - Email notification confirmation when username is changed
Features - Updates to API see developer hub and view API documentation here

26 October product updates

Exciting updates to our retail product that allow locked balances.
CXTN-product-release-notes (3).png
Additionally we have begun a phased roll out of 'Make a Bank Transfer'
CXTN-product-release-notes (3).png

Release Type - Description
Enhancement - Added Mx option for Title value across CXTN platform
Enhancement - Lock Balances: users will be able to lock/unlock balances
Enhancement - Make a Bank Transfer: Phased rollout of Make a Bank Transfer on CXTN platform. Currently we are rolling out this feature to 10% of our customer base.
Features - Updates to API see developer hub and view API documentation here

Q3 2022

28 September product updates

Focused on business product and app enhancements

Release Type - Description
Features - Bond Investment Facility
Enhancement - Improved message on Login page for incorrect username/password
Enhancement - IP Transfer page history showing info for all payments, message if compliance required
Enhancement - Pop up message on card load page notifies retail clients if there are 0 usable cards available to spend.
Enhancement - Storing card load failure reasons if any (TECH)

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