nimbl, helping kids form money skills for life

With over 20 years experience in financial services Caxton is making sure money is working harder not only for businesses and travellers but for the next generation as well. nimbl is a pocket money card allowing children, aged 6-18 years old, develop good money habits through earning, saving and spending. 


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Introducing nimbl, powered by Caxton

With over 20 years experience in the financial services sector and a broad offering of products aimed at both consumers and businesses, Caxton realised there was a gap in the market. A low cost pocket money card and app that allows children learn good financial decisions all the while overseen by parents. So they introduced Nimbl to their portfolio allowing them to not only help families, travelers and businesses to make the most of their money but the next generation too. 



Good habits start now

nimbl, aimed at 6-18 year olds, is designed to be a partner in financial education and money management. nimbl card holders have full visibility of their account (as do you!) via a comprehensive and simple-to-use app. The ability to limit spend, or its use in shops, online or to take money out of cash point machines means financial management is flexible to whatever you agree as a family.  nimbl is also available in a range of fun colours making it personal to your child. 


What do you need to know? 

How is a pocket money card different to a debit card?


A pocket money card is a prepayment card, where money is loaded onto a card to be spent versus a traditional children's bank account and debit card.


Bank accounts usually require a child to 11 years old and above. Nimbl is available from 6 years old, just at the point children are learning about the concept of money at school, and they become aware of being able to buy their own things. It's also never too early to teach them how to save rather than just spend! 

What do I see as a parent?


Everything your child does. There is complete transparency, with no hidden spend possible. You will have access to the app as parent and will have full control of the card.


You will also receive notifications in real time as to when your child makes any purchases so you can have oversight of what they are spending and when.


How does my child apply for a card?


You apply on behalf of your children. All you need to do is apply online telling us about you and your children, activate the card once it arrives and then start earning, saving and spending!

What does it cost to use?


The first Nimbl card costs £2.49 per month or £28 per year and any subsequent cards for other family members is available for the discounted price of £1.99 per month or £23 per year. For full pricing details please visit the Nimbl website


Whilst we work hard to keep as many of our services free of charge, we need to charge a minimal amount to cover costs levied by others. 

How do I add money? And do I need to pay to add money?


You can add money whenever you want, scheduled or on an adhoc basis. It won't cost you anything additional to the monthly fee to add money to the card. 

What controls does it have?


The card is very flexible. You can set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits, you can determine whether your child can buy items online or take cash out of an ATM machine. The controls are in your hands.

Online betting and betting merchants are automatically blocked. 

Can others gift money to it?


Yes! You can share a link to the account for them to add money to for birthdays, festive celebrations or other money gifts. 

What savings rate do you offer?


Saving regularly, once off or with our handy micro-savings feature, your children can save between 5p and £5 every time their nimbl card is used.

Little Money Managers

See how other nimbl account holders are using their cards on a daily basis.