Faster, global supplier payments

Our secure, automated payments platform enables you to pay global suppliers as if they were just around the corner. With faster payments to over 196 countries in 30+ currencies, automated reconciliation and complete visibility - our platform puts you in control.


Experts in payments for 20 years

Embrace the future of supplier payments, with Faster Payments

Our leading payments platform addresses all of your payment challenges, providing a seamless, automated solution that allows you to pay global suppliers as if they were just around the corner - faster, around the clock and in bulk.

BLACK - Efficient

Always on time payments - 24/7, 365

With Faster Payments, pay suppliers, contractors and staff anytime, and day of the year, including weekends and bank holidays. 

BLACK - International

Pay global suppliers like they're local

Send and receive international transfers at the speed and cost of domestic ones with borderless account details and benefit from excellent rates - always.


Dedicated account manager, expert support

Receive expert guidance as standard. Pick up the phone and speak to your dedicated account manager. No call queues or automated systems.

"Caxton's proprietary software and API collection have transformed our payroll operations, providing faster and reliable payment solutions for our clients"

Live Pay, a payroll bureau operating nationally and internationally, faced challenges for some clients, with the traditional three-day BACS payment cycle. By partnering with Caxton, they now offer faster payments through a proprietary platform. This integration ensures quicker, more efficient payments for customers, reducing processing time from three days to just one. 

24/7 payment processing in 30+ currencies

Pay global suppliers around the clock with our continuous payment processing capabilities. Make transactions 24/7, 365 days a year to over 196 countries and in 28+ currencies. We'll ensure your payments reach their destination quickly and securely, every time.


Instantly move money with Faster Payments

Tired of delays and costs associated with paying global suppliers via traditional methods? The solution lies in Faster Payments. Faster Payments clear in just seconds, which can take days off your payments schedule, allowing you to retain control over your cash flow for extended periods.


Make bulk payments in one click

Manage large volumes of transactions for suppliers, contractors and payroll with our bulk payment. Send up to 1,000 single or multiple currency payments in one file, saving time and reducing errors.


Say goodbye to manual processes - scale through automation

Transform your accounts payable from manual to modern with Caxton's automated payments platform. Simplify workflows, boost accuracy and optimise efficiency by automating tasks. Track payments in real-time and embrace advanced analytics and reporting tools to scale your business effortlessly.


Sync with your accounting software

Connect Caxton to your preferred accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and Netsuite. Sat goodbye to the hassles of manual reconciliation and complex logins with our multi-point payment solution.


Switch to Caxton, and get the job done right

Faster Payments and your Caxton Business Account unchain you from inefficient, manual payment schedules and timelines. Make the switch from manual to modern today.

Your own dedicated account manager

We don't just sign you up. With Caxton, you'll have a dedicated account manager who understands your unique payment needs, offering tailored solutions and proactive issue resolution. Enjoy efficient, personalised support, always.


Why switch to Faster Payments?

Caxton's payments platform provides unparalleled flexibility and security, ensuring one-off and bulk payments get to the right place at the right time - every time. Upgrade your supplier payments process with Faster Payments and experience the convenience and efficiency of modern payment solutions.

BLACK - Bulk

Send 24/7, 365 days a year

With Faster Payments, send payments anytime, and day of the year, including weekend and bank holidays. No more scheduling issues or delays due to holidays.


Instant payments, always on time

Faster Payments clear in just seconds for both global and domestic transactions.


Lower setup costs

Lower setup costs make Faster Payments the most affordable option for firms of all sizes. Save money while improving your payment efficiency.

BLACK - Integration

Replace manual data entry with automation

Save hours of time processing payments by removing the need to manually enter information, and make way for automated reconciliation.


Accurate payment, real-time insights

Real-time transaction monitoring provides financial data for better forecasting and decision-making.


Extra security

Process payments through a highly secure and compliant payments platform, trusted by thousands of businesses since 2001.

Keeping your money safe

We go beyond industry standards to ensure your assets are protected at all times. From safeguarding your funds with leading banks, to two-factor authentication and a dedicated anti-fraud team, our compliance framework ensures our commitment to security and trust for all of our clients.


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Don't let ourdated payment processes hold you back

Experience the benefits of faster payments with Caxton today. Book a chat at a time that suits you and upgrade your supplier payments process to save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.