An expense solution for every business

Maximise efficiency and accuracy with Caxton Expense Management. Our robust online management platform and user-friendly mobile app enable you to effortlessly manage expenses, no matter which card you use.


Experts in payments for 20 years

Take the stress out of business spending with Caxton

Say goodbye to a manual expense tracking and hello to Caxton's all-in-one expense management platform and business expense cards.

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Save over 140 hours on expenses each year

Stop chasing receipts and wasting time with manual data entry and time consuming expense reports - automate your expenses with Caxton.

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Get full visibility over company spending

With real-time tracking, achieve complete visibility over company spending in seconds, plus sync with your accounting software.

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Connect 'Any Card' to our platform

As well as prepaid or virtual  cards, you can connect any card to our secure platform, ensuring all company expenses are recorded in one place.

No more out-of-pocket spending

Leave cash in the past and empower your employees with Caxton prepaid or virtual cards. Choose from Sterling or Global cards that allow you to spend anytime, anywhere. You can even connect Any Card, for faster reimbursement of staff spend.


Unlimited control and security

Finance teams regain control with pre-loaded budgets, precise spending limits and real-time monitoring. Users can easily freeze or cancel cards at the first sign of suspicious activity.


Eliminate manual work

Stop chasing receipts and wasting time with manual data entry. Employees can capture receipts at the point of purchase and upload them directly for reconciliation.


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Track spend, automate expense reports

Monitor spending in real time with our online platform and automate your expense reports. Gain insights and control over company finances like never before.


Spend in multiple currencies

Staff heading abroad? Our multi-currency prepaid cards enable users to hold and spend across multiple currencies, simplifying international transactions and global travel expenses.



Sync with your accounting software

Connect Caxton to your preferred accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and Netsuite. Watch as the two work together to streamline your finance processes.


Easy to use app

Manage expenses on-the-go with our user-friendly app, designed to simplify tracking and control spend.


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Opt to use Virtual Cards

Enhance security and convenience with virtual cards, ideal for one-time payments and subscriptions. Create unlimited virtual cards in an instant and start spending right away.


Connect Any Card

Seamlessly connect any card to ensure all company expenses are recorded on one platform. No longer restricted to a single card type, employees can now select the company-issued or personal card that best fits their needs for any situation.



Your own dedicated account manager

We don't just sign you up. With Caxton, you'll have a dedicated account manager who understands your unique expense management needs, offering tailored solutions and proactive issue resolution. Enjoy efficient, personalised support, always.



Caxton's Expense Management platform in action

See how your business can leverage Caxton's innovative platform and prepaid cards to gain real-time visibility of spend, enhanced budget control, effortlessly navigate audits and more.

Keeping your money safe

We go beyond industry standards to ensure your assets are protected at all times. From safeguarding your funds with leading banks, to two-factor authentication and a dedicated anti-fraud team, our compliance framework ensures our commitment to security and trust for all of our clients.


Explore more ways to use Caxton

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Send, receive, hold and exchange 28+ currencies in one clever multi-currency account.

Currency Risk Management

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Expense Management

Effortlessly manage domestic and global expenses, no matter which card you use.

Payroll Payments

Payroll that never needs a holiday. Access Faster Payments via account or API


Supplier Payments

Pay local and global suppliers in an instant, via one platform in 28+ currencies.

Embedded Payments

Plug your software into our API and gain access to a whole host of payment rails.


Open an expense management account

Boost efficiency and gain enhanced control over company spend by opening an account today. In just 30 minutes, you'll know if this solution meets your needs. Book a chat today.