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We've opened up the heart of Caxton software to let you tailor your financial infrastructure to your exact needs. When you choose to Plug and Pay with Caxton, you gain access to advanced embedded payment tools that can enhance your brand and business proposition, enabling you to evolve into a truly digital, next-generation enterprise.


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Introducing Caxton Plug and Pay

You understand your customers and your business better than anyone. At Caxton, we specialise in payments and financial services - delivered via our software platform CXTN. With dozens of endpoints wrapped up into six distinct API Collections, you can mix and match the SaaFS you need. Our API collection provides you with the flexibility to create 'accounts' with multiple 'wallets,' conduct seamless transfers, process payments, access live FX rates, and even issue preloaded MasterCards.

Payments API

Payments API

Using our API, your business can make high volumes of payments, for as many recipients as needed, so that everyone can get paid on time in a few clicks. Develop your own customised accounts payable and receivable solution. With the CXTN Payments API, leverage secure outbound payments, in GBP or gain multi-currency payment capabilities.


Accounts API

As well as your main account where you will reconcile funds in and out of your operations with Caxton, the Accounts API allows your business to consolidate subsidiary accounts under the main account and therefore support individual businesses, assets or processes within your organisation.

Suitable for businesses with more than one underlying business entity, or for businesses managing their own client funds. Provides the same features and potential, but with the added benefit of having complete independence over the setup process.



The FX API allows your business to buy and sell currency. Your business can then enable your Users to make payments around the globe. Whether it’s a retail purchase or a business payment, a choice of currencies provides your Users with a wider global reach.


Ledger API

The Ledger API is purpose built to simplify processing complex financial data. Auditing can be performed on the fly to show incoming and outgoing transactions as necessary, providing your business with a layer of security and transparency. To simplify auditing, the Ledger API is made to be accessible, hence transaction information is displayed in real-time and in a user-friendly format that requires little training.


Wallet API

Would you like your employees or clients or customers to be able to spend the funds you hold for them, directly using a card? Issue pre loaded Mastercards and they can spend as you would with any payment card.


Compliance done for you

Not just your back office finance function, set up for global payments reconciliation; as your payments partner, you will leverage Caxton's FCA-regulated status, freeing you from additional compliance burden. Focus on your core development while we handle regulation and compliance seamlessly.


Expert integration support

Scale your team effortlessly with our developer time available at day rates. We offer top-notch service and act as an extension of your team for seamless integration.

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