Transforming Payroll Efficiency: A Partnership with the Caxton API

Live Pay, a well respected Mansfield based payroll company, offers fully managed services to both national and international clients.

In seeking to expand their offering to include access to the faster payments network and automate international payroll payments, Live Pay turned to Caxton and their advanced API integration for speed, and reliability.



How a faster payments API sets a payroll services provider to scale

Live Pay wanted to add Faster Payments to their offering to speed up payroll times and offer clients not eligible for BACs an efficient payroll payment option. Integrating with the Caxton API, in just three weeks they were able to offer new services and expand to other markets - domestically and internationally.

Find out:

  • How they automated processes and cut costs
  • Which APIs helped them achieve the goal
  • Why strategic partnerships are crucial for scale up success 

Insight you'll gain from this case study



How simple it is for your development team to integrate to any of the Caxton API Suite.



How other businesses are cutting development time and costs to scale faster.



Add functionality that keeps the entire experience within your own brand control.

Could the CXTN API Suite work for your scale-up?

Choosing the CXTN API Suite was a strategic move for this client. It streamlines their currency exchange process, saving valuable development time and costs. With that done they can turn focus on the growth of their business. Could this work for your business, too?


Powering fintech, ready to scale

This is going to be a promotion for another case study, probably the Greengage case study when we get the preview image. In the mean time we are promoting the same API image so I can see what it looks like.


What founders and API users are saying

“Greengage has partnered with Caxton for delivering fiat accounts in up to 30 currencies and there will likely be many further opportunities for collaboration to explore as we expand our business.”



“Using Caxton means clients can access a much quicker and more cost effective payment and holding account. In addition to getting a better service it’s taking fewer days to set up and be operational.”


Ellul & Co

“Safeguarding our patients and reducing the burden of their clinical trial participation is crucial. Caxton proved that their system was robust, user-friendly and had the highest level of security.”

Patient Concierge Director

Illingworth Research

This partnership allows Live Pay to expand their business offerings, reaching clients beyond the GBP range and providing seamless access to the faster payments network via the Caxton API.


Live Pay