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The Caxton Career Collective was created to help industry leaders connect with rising stars, allowing exceptional women to share their experiences and ultimately create a stronger, more connected network of ambitious women. Join in with our next event and become a part of this empowering collective of professionals.




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The Benefits of Building a Diverse Team

Thursday 27th June, Beyond Old Street, EC1V 9NR

We've exclusively collaborated with our sponsor, Sauced for our next event in June with an interactive panel discussion, where guest speakers will share their lived experiences.

Building a diverse team is essential for unlocking a company's full potential and achieve their financial goals. The benefit of building diverse teams includes fresh perspectives and bold ideas from employees who bring different experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints to come up with innovative ideas working together and drive a positive change within the organization. Employees are able to challenge themselves and their own beliefs by interacting with new people as they're building their skillset, enabling personal growth, fresh perspectives and greater cultural sensitivity. Teams who work together effectively toward common goals and support one another's efforts show collaboration, achieving higher levels of team success.

Hear from our speaker panel talk about how they achieved to build a diverse workforce, why they did it, and their takeaways for what it takes to promote diversity within their organisation.



Lyndsay Morgan

Lyndsay is an experienced operational leader with 10+ years of success driving organic growth, transformation, and profitability across diverse industries, including SaaS, E-commerce, and Marketing. As a founding member, played a pivotal role in building and scaling a Digital Marketing Agency from inception to £8M+ in annual turnover, achieving #6 on the UK Start Ups 100 List (2018), and securing an 8x multiple exit. Lyndsay is fluent in translating business vision into actionable plans, building global high performing teams, optimising client experiences, and driving performance through data-informed decision-making. A commercially minded yet empathetic leader, Lyndsay is adept at building inclusive teams, championing employee well-being, development, and engagement to drive business success.

Jane-Emma Peerless

As Director of People, Jane-Emma has been a key player in developing Caxton’s culture and people policies for 20 years. Her varied passions and talents for employee well-being, performance management and professional development has allowed the business to thrive in rapidly changing circumstances, including maintaining strong business performance both in the 2008 financial crisis and the recent pandemic. In her years at Caxton she has curated a flexible culture which puts people first, allows for a strong work-life balance and ultimately helps the business and its people to work towards a common goal. The values led culture she has created promotes agility, transparency, collaboration and high performance. She will talk about how she's changed the culture and teams from FX to Fintech at Caxton.

James Cuthbertson

James Cuthbertson is the CRO of Relative Insight. An innovator in text analytics, James helped to grow Relative Insight from its true start-up phase into a pioneer of text analysis servicing global clients such as F1, Amazon, Coca-Cola and HSBC. With over 12 years-experience in the early stage technology market, James has grown, and developed sales and marketing functions focused on products in audience insights and data. James recently left London to relocate to the wild Kent countryside alongside his wife, and their ever-expanding menagerie of cats, dogs, chickens and babies. He will discuss how he was able to accomplish this, and provide tips on being able to build a successful diverse team.


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The Woman Behind The Women | Jo Phillips

Introducing Jo Phillips, a partner of the Caxton Career Collective supporting our events throughout 2024/25. With a background in recruitment and staffing, Jo has transitioned to a national-level role, specialising in learning and development. She brings extensive experience, having delivered over 23,000 hours of training and designed curricula to support women in their career ascent. Jo is recognised for her inclusive approach and currently supports Women in Leadership programs, notably in HerSpark, empowering women to excel in their careers. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, Jo has achieved remarkable results, with her clients gaining an average salary increase of 39%. Based in the UK, Jo is a dedicated advocate for women's empowerment.



Sauced has also joined us a partner, supporting our events throughout 2024/25. Originally known as Talent Digital, Sauced evolved in 2018, specialising in recruiting for VC and Scale-Up B2B SaaS and tech businesses. With a unique approach, Sauced is dedicated to helping CEOs and Founders build exceptional sales and marketing teams globally. The people Sauced place, stick, and in the last two years they have achieved a 95.9% retention rate with candidates placed. They want to be seen as disruptors, creators and thought leaders when it comes to helping tech companies scale, and their community is growing faster than ever.


Technically Speaking: Careers in Tech with Katyusca Barth

Join Melanie Mills in an insightful conversation with Katyusca Barth​ about women in tech, career choices, and the importance of women supporting each other in the industry - and supporting the next generation. This discussion is a valuable resource for those pursuing a career in the tech industry, and another reason to join the Caxton Career Collective.


Melanie Mills

"I'm passionate about giving back, relationships and sharing my expertise in anyway possible as a podcast guest, event speaker, and leadership mentor, on topics such as revenue, growth, female leadership, and untraditional routes to success."

Jane-Emma Peerless

"Experience and knowledge brings wisdom and the ability to listen, guide and sometimes heal. I am delighted to be part of this important initiative created by the fearless women at Caxton."

Pamela-Louise Chick

"It's an acknowledgment of how the power of self-assurance and enthusiasm has enabled women like us to rewrite the rules and shape the world around us. Together, let's continue breaking barriers and create a powerful legacy."

Nehali Shah

"The care, love and protection we as women add to the work we do, is not even worth a ratio of 4:14 (that's the ratio of women to men in my team, can you believe?!?!). Balancing out is must at it's high time, I am here to give & receive all kinds of support and encouragement to have that dream come true!"

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