Caxton helps your money work harder for you.

Our superpower is getting the right money, to the right people, at the right time. Whether to run your business or to travel, we make all your payments simpler and more efficient, freeing you to get on with whatever you're using the money for.


SINCE 2002

Trusted, transparent, and tailored to you

With millions of pounds’ worth of safe and secure trades in 2022 alone, our transparent world-class team helps 600,000 individuals and 6000 business save millions of pounds every year. Combining smart technology and payments expertise with an old-fashioned dedication to a personal service, Caxton embodies the best of the old and the new – to ensure a quick, secure, and fuss-free service.







20 Years at the forefront of payments

Caxton's enduring secret? A mindset that propelled us as fintech pioneers for 20+ years. We're not just about tech; it's our people who matter. Committed to serving and securing our customers' money, our core values drive innovation. It's this ethos that placed us at the payments forefront, a legacy of disruption and dedication that defines Caxton.

Stronger every year

Since 2002, Caxton emerged as a pioneering start-up, simplifying and adding transparency for customers. We introduced the first currency card, and over 20 years later, we thrive with an unmatched reputation. Today, Caxton advances with Open Banking and SaaFS using our proprietary API, CXTN. Seamlessly move money with ease and security. From payroll to global transfers, FX, and more – manage all payments from one secure, user-friendly platform.


Our software

Experience financial transformation through our Software as a Financial Service (SaaFS) model. Seamlessly merge advanced tech and financial expertise for optimal results. Access a complete toolset to refine processes, boost decisions, and foster growth. Our powerful API ecosystem ensures smooth integration, cutting manual tasks and errors. Embrace innovation, reliability, and affordability for a new era of financial empowerment.


Simple for business

We're here to simplify and enhance your payments journey. Through API-driven payments tech and industry expertise, we empower businesses to effortlessly manage payments, Whether it's facilitating supplier payments, managing expenses through smart company cards and an integrated app, ensuring timely payroll processing, or minimising risk through expert-led strategies, we're committed to enhancing your financial operations. Our dedicated API integration seamlessly merges with your systems, enabling you to harness your data for diverse payment outputs with unmatched precision and frequency.


Your experience, our passion

Our customers are at the heart of what we do - we champion them in everything that we do, ensuring that we provide an unrivalled experience day in day out. We speak to our customers, we create products focussed on their needs and we help them save millions of pounds every year on their currency transactions.


Don't just take our word for it

Our Leadership Team

Our people are the driving force behind Caxton. We value each and everyone of our employees who are all dedicated to making your experience with Caxton the very best it can be. Meet our executive team leading the teams shaping the Future of Payments at Caxton.

Rupert Lee-Browne

Chief Executive Officer

Listening to clients and setting our strategy

Jane-Emma Peerless

Director of People

Building the team that delivers our clients results

Trevor Price

Chief Financial Officer

Ensuring we deliver for clients - now and forever

Alana Parsons

Chief Operating Officer

Prioritising delivery of our product against client needs

Ahmed Dekmak

Chief Technology Officer

Creating our powerful and secure payments platform

Melanie Mills

Chief Revenue Officer

Ensuring our teams deliver against client needs

Stephen Frame

Head of Compliance 

Safeguarding our processes and procedures

Mital Patel

Head of Security 

Keep our systems safe

Shared beliefs, collective impact

Embracing the values that define us


Customer service is at the heart of what we do

BLACK - Thumbs Up

We're transparent and honest and listen


We lead innovation with technology


Customers' money remains safe and secure


We're trusted, with over 2 decades of expertise


Our prices are competitive, with no hidden fees

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