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Product release notes

Caxton product priorities are security, customer experience and a completely open API. Track the latest product developments relevant to our customers as Enhancements, Features or Fixes.


Automate payments with our API

Set up API integrations to automate your business payments. Pay suppliers and staff on time, ever time, wherever they are in the world, whilst maintaining control over your expenses. View our API documentation below. 


Unlock resources and go, faster

Meticulously crafted over decades, to power fast and compliant financial services, our robust API acts as your gateway, while the orchestration layer seamlessly integrates actions and infrastructure, sparing you the effort of building resources from scratch. Focus on scaling your business while we support you every step of the way.

Smart tech, expert support

As much or as little as your development team need - we are here to support your business growth. 


Multi-Currency Accounts

Send, receive, hold and exchange 28+ currencies in one clever multi-currency account.

Currency Risk Management

Protect your profits from market volatility with our range of hedging products and options.

Expense Management

Effortlessly manage domestic and global expenses, no matter which card you use.

Payroll Payments

Payroll that never needs a holiday. Access Faster Payments via account or API.

Supplier Payments

Pay local and global suppliers in an instant, via one platform in 28+ currencies.

Embedded Payments

Plug your software into our API and gain access to a whole host of payment rails.


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