Assuring your business compliance

At Caxton, compliance is a key component not only of what we offer as part of our payment service, but how we behave. We have structured our approach to compliance as four pillars that support your business as you grow in a compliant and safeguarded manner.


Keeping your money safe

We go beyond industry standards to ensure your assets are protected at all times. From safeguarding with leading banks, to two-factor authentication and a dedicated anti-fraud team, it's all part of our commitment to building security and trust for all of our clients.



Essential framework for business success

Our framework of four pillars of compliance: Professionalism, Protection, Reputation, and Value can help businesses navigate the complex regulatory environment effectively - and crucially, help them thrive in a regulated environment.

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Four pillars serving our compliance framework



Expert interpretation and application of regulations.

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Safeguarding business and client interests.

BLACK - Forecasting


Building trust through consistent compliance.

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Integrating compliance into business culture.

Professionalism: The foundation of trust

Professionalism is about more than just adhering to rules; it's about demonstrating competence and reliability. This pillar is built on the understanding that compliance is an ongoing process, requiring expertise in interpreting and implementing regulations.

In practice, this involves staying abreast of regulatory changes and ensuring that your business practices are always aligned with the latest requirements.  For a business, this means having a team or a partner, like Caxton, who can translate complex legal requirements into actionable strategies.


Protection: Safeguarding interests

Protection in the context of compliance is twofold: it involves protecting the business from regulatory risks and safeguarding clients’ interests. This means implementing robust measures to prevent financial crime, ensure data security, and protect clients' funds.

For instance, measures such as conducting thorough due diligence, maintaining transparent accounting practices, and employing advanced cybersecurity protocols play a critical role in this pillar. Demonstrating a commitment to protection reassures clients and regulatory bodies that a business is responsible and trustworthy.


Reputation: Living up to expectations

Reputation in compliance is the result of consistently applying the principles of professionalism and protection. A strong compliance record enhances a business's reputation, fostering trust and loyalty among clients and partners. This is particularly important for startups and scale-ups, where building a positive reputation can be the difference between success and failure.

Businesses can build their reputational pillar by showcasing their compliance achievements, such as years of adherence to regulations, successful audits, or endorsements from regulatory bodies - or the partners they enlist with the same. A strong reputation not only attracts clients but can also be a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Value: Beyond compliance

The final pillar, value, goes beyond mere compliance; it's about embedding a culture of compliance within the organisation. This means integrating compliance into every aspect of the business, from client interactions to internal processes.

By doing so, businesses demonstrate to their clients that compliance is a core part of their value proposition. It's not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it's about providing services in a way that aligns with the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.


Caxton regulatory and compliance certifications



Cyber Essentials Certified


ISO 27001 Preparatory Stages


Dual FCA Regulated


Compliance culture

At Caxton we have purposely fostered a culture where compliance is viewed not as a burden, but as an integral part of business strategy that adds value, builds trust, and ensures long-term success. This culture runs through every department, effectively extending the compliance role through finance, operations, sales and marketing.



Safeguarding funds 

Safeguarding client funds is integral to the trust between a financial service provider and its clients. At Caxton Payments, this responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We go beyond mere compliance; we build a fortress of security around our client's assets.

For businesses seeking a partner that prioritises the security of their funds with the highest level of professionalism and diligence, Caxton Payments stands as an industry leading choice. Connect with us and explore how our expert safeguarding measures can provide peace of mind and a secure foundation for your financial transactions.s.


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