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Video | Multi-directional expansion possibilities for Payroll Bureaus

The innovative Caxton approach to Payroll Payments is set in the spotlight in a new client video where, Live Pay explain how accessing via API will allow their business to grow clients who cant presently use BACS for any reason, and to clients paying staff internationally.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director of Live Pay, a payroll bureau based in Mansfield operating nationally and internationally, highlighted the significance of the Caxton integration. According to Johnson, "The Live Pay integration with Caxton is crucial for us to ensure our clients have access to a faster payments network, enhancing our service offerings."

The integration has not only sped up payment processes but has also expanded Live Pay's business reach. By utilising the Caxton APIs, Live Pay can now serve companies beyond the GBP range, facilitating payments for global employees without geographic constraints. This expansion supports Live Pay in meeting diverse client needs and positions them as an agile player in the payroll sector.

Live Pay was fully supported for a fast integration. The rapid deployment of the solution further underscores the project success. Johnson noted, "With our dedicated payroll software and in-house development team, we quickly implemented the solution, completing API development in just a few weeks."

Central to this success was personalised support. Johnson stated, "Having a dedicated partner manager at Caxton ensured smooth communication, streamlining the integration process."

Watch the short video below . Find out more about Embedded Payments, the APIs, and Payroll Payments throughout our website. If you'd like to see if we can help your business expand - book a meeting.