Currency hedging and FX risk management for business

Minimise the risk of foreign exchange market volatility, with our comprehensive risk management strategies. Choose between our platform-only service for confident currency management or our account managed service for expert-led, complex currency management. Gain competitive edge with real-time market alerts and strategic insights.


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Forecast with ease, prevent currency losses, and protect profits

Foreign exchange market fluctuations, driven by factors like geopolitics, inflation, and public debt, pose inevitable risks for businesses dealing with foreign currencies. These abrupt changes can lead to significant currency losses. Our hedging strategy, led by a team of risk management experts, helps you navigate the market and protect your business from negative foreign exchange movements, preventing currency losses and protecting your bottom line.


Get complete visibility over hidden FX fees

Concerned about hidden fees from your current supplier? We'll let you know what we could have done your trade for and exactly what its made up of in terms of fees and markup. We break down all currency fees to the penny giving you piece of mind knowing exactly what your're incurring. Just 5 minutes of your time could make a big difference to the bottom line.


Why choose Caxton's Currency Risk Management service?

Choosing Caxton ensures a strategic and informed approach to managing foreign exchange risks. We help you evaluate currency risk, define objectives and understand market dynamics to develop a tailored hedging strategy, designed to protect your bottom line. Our Account Managed Service offers expert guidance and monitoring, while our user-friendly Platform-Only Service provides the tool for independent management. Addressing key considerations like currency volatility, Caxton's strategic planning ensures long-term stability and growth. 


Protecting your business from currency fluctuations is simpler than you think. Our experts will work with you to create a tailored risk management strategy aligned to your business goals.

Step 1

Work with an expert to define your goals

Partner with one of our qualified experts to define your short and long-term business goals. Understand how the currency market impacts your business.

Step 2

Review your future foreign currency exposure

Our experts will use forecasting technology to understand your projected foreign currency exposure, across 30+ currencies.

Step 3

Create a strategy that’s right for your business

Develop a plan with our experts, using a range of hedging solutions. From Spot, Market Orders to Forwards, we’ll find the right combination to help reduce currency costs, protect profit margins and, forecast with confidence.

Step 4

Execute and review your plan

Our experts will execute the agreed FX risk management strategy, providing updates and making adjustments, in line with market movements.

Our Hedging Solutions

Our experts will use a combination of hedging products, to protect your business from foreign currency fluctuations

Forward Contract


Lock in the current exchange rate for a set period (up to 12 months). This provides you with certainty and helps protect your profits against adverse currency fluctuations.

Spot Contract


Spot contracts are the simple, fast and effective way to buy money to move overseas quickly. Secure that day’s rate, with the ability to settle within five working days.

Market Order


If you have a particular exchange rate but have no urgency to purchase straight away, a market order can help you to secure a better deal.

Our services

Account Managed Service

Powered by real-time data analysis from our insights team, your account manager offers unparalleled insights to help you make informed decisions and optimise international transactions, while monitoring the rates for you. Say goodbye to costly surprises and hello to strategic currency risk management that empowers you to confidently navigate global markets with your own tailored approach.


Platform-Only Service

Our user-friendly platform allows for confident currency management. Set your own target rates and make international transactions with ease. Experience transparent, customisable currency purchases backed by cutting-edge technology and real-time market data. Ideal for investors and global businesses, our platform ensures precision in managing currency risk


Keeping your money safe

We go beyond industry standards to ensure your assets are protected at all times. From safeguarding your funds with leading banks, to two-factor authentication and a dedicated anti-fraud team, our compliance framework ensures our commitment to security and trust for all of our clients.



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Where can I send money with Caxton Business?


Globally granted we can trade with the country where the funds are being remitted.

What do I need to send money with Caxton Business?


You need to hold an account with us. 

How can I make an international business payment?


Through an account manager or online, trading limits determine this function.

How do international payments work?


An exchange rate is agreed, settlement of the trade is required before the trade is required before the converted funds are released onwards.