Faster, flexible payroll processing 24/7, 365

Caxton's payroll solution offers a secure, cost-effective alternative to BACs with faster payments, available 24/7, 365. Eliminate delays, make last-minute adjustments and ensure timely payments with real-time processing. Pay staff on time, every time with Caxton.


Experts in payments for 20 years

Upgrade your payroll process with Faster Payments

Experience the convenience and efficiency of modern payroll solutions.


Always on-time payments - 24/7, 365

Send payments anytime, and day of the year, including weekend and bank holidays. No more scheduling issues or delays due to holidays.

BLACK - Bulk

Facilitate local and global payroll

Ensure your staff are paid on time, every time, wherever they are in the world. Send 1,000s of single or multiple currency payments in one file.


Dedicated account manager, expert support

Receive expert guidance as standard. Pick up the phone and speak to your dedicated account manager. No call queues or automated systems.

"Caxton's proprietary software and API collection have transformed our payroll operations, providing faster and reliable payment solutions for our clients"

Live Pay, a payroll bureau operating nationally and internationally, faced challenges for some clients, with the traditional three-day BACS payment cycle. By partnering with Caxton, they now offer faster payments through a proprietary platform. This integration ensures quicker, more efficient payments for customers, reducing processing time from three days to just one. 

24/7 payroll processing

Caxton's payroll payments allow you to make transactions 24/7, 365 days a year, providing flexibility for payroll teams who need to avoid condensing their monthly cycle for bank holidays or for those that can't access BACS. Schedule global and domestic payroll payments on weekends and holidays, ensuring your employees are paid on time, every time.


Business resilience measure for firms who use BACS

While BACS will continue to feature for Payroll, firms who use it are looking for resilience measures that can account for delays, changes or last minute issues that meet employee expectations for being paid on time.  Our system mimics your current process with BACS - even allowing upload of a BACS file to make a Faster Payment.


Faster Payments - a modern alternative to BACS

Tired of delays and costs associated with BACS? The solution lies in Faster Payments. Unlike BACS, Faster Payments clear in just seconds, eliminating the need for a three day setup and allowing for last-minute adjustments. With lower setup costs and 24/7 transactions, Faster Payments is the most affordable and flexible payroll option for firms of all sizes.


Sync with your accounting software

Connect Caxton to your preferred accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and Netsuite or upload a payment file directly. Watch as the two work together to streamline your payroll processes.


Added level of service for Accounting Firms

With secure open banking, you can connect a Caxton payroll payments account to your clients bank, and finally take care of their payroll end to end  - without the need for BACS registration, and without sharing passwords or requiring them to make the final payment via direct debit.


A smart choice for Payroll Bureaus

Caxton Payroll Payments offer key advantages for bureaus: reduced risk with FCA protection and no client money in your accounts, 24/7/365 payments to ensure prompt payroll anytime, and enhanced control with customisable authorisation levels. Additionally, our simplified onboarding for subsidiaries allows you to manage multiple clients on a single account without tedious processes, saving time and providing a hassle-free experience.


Switch to Caxton, and get the job done right

Faster Payments and your Caxton Business Account unchain you from cemented payroll timelines that don't support payroll teams ideal working cycle. 

Your own dedicated account manager

We don't just sign you up. With Caxton, you'll have a dedicated account manager who understands your unique payroll needs, offering tailored solutions and proactive issue resolution. Enjoy efficient, personalised support, always.


Why switch to Faster Payments with Caxton?

Caxton's payroll processing platform provides unparalleled flexibility and security, ensuring payroll is always on time and accurate. Upgrade your payroll process with Faster Payments and experience the convenience and efficiency of modern payroll solutions.


Send 24/7, 365 days a year

Schedule payments anytime, any day of the year, including weekend and bank holidays. No more scheduling issues or delays due to holidays.

BLACK - Efficient

Near instant payments

Faster Payments clear in just seconds, eliminating the need for a three-day setup. Make last minute adjustments, and still pay on time.


Lower setup costs

Lower setup costs make Faster Payments the most affordable option for firms of all sizes. Save money while improving your payroll efficiency.

BLACK - Integration

Replace manual data entry

Save hours of time processing payments by removing the need to manually enter information.

BLACK - Thumbs Up

Customised approvals

Set approval process to match your organisational process and set separate of duties

BLACK - Cybersecurity

Extra security

Process payments through a highly secure and compliant payments platform, trusted by thousands of businesses since 2002.

Keeping your money safe

We go beyond industry standards to ensure your assets are protected at all times. From safeguarding your funds with leading banks, to two-factor authentication and a dedicated anti-fraud team, our compliance framework ensures our commitment to security and trust for all of our clients.


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Don't let outdated payroll processes hold you back

Experience the benefits of faster payments with Caxton today. Book a chat at a time that suits you and upgrade your payroll process to save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.