Events and webinars programme

Join us for an unparalleled lineup of events and webinars throughout 2024. From our Annual Currency Outlook to themed and partner webinars, networking events and round-tables, there's something for everyone. Join us in these transformative sessions, where industry leaders converge and explore the collaborative landscape of tech innovation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, share ideas and forge connections.




Monthly Currency Outlook - Thursday 25 July - 11am - Online Webinar

Our flagship currency webinar promises to provide valuable insights and predictions for all major G10 currencies, offering a crucial perspective in navigating upcoming challenges.

H2 2024 G10 Currency Outlook - Watch the Replay

In this webinar, Caxton's David Stritch and Matthew Downward discuss key currencies and reveal forecasts for 2024. Plus, they offer expert strategies to help you navigate FX challenges and opportunities this year. Watch our recent currency update now.

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Living and working in Gibraltar: An Exclusive Interview with Marc X. Ellul - May 2024

Specialist Gibraltar Lawyer and Managing Director from Ellul and Co join Caxton live on LinkedIn to delve into what life's really like living and working overseas and the benefits for individuals and companies alike. Watch his interview.

Exclusive LinkedIn Interview with Vickie Graham, CIPP - April 2024

Hear live from Business Development Director, Vickie Graham talk about payroll and the upcoming changes that may affect the financial market.

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