Caxton meets Xero

Today, Caxton, the leading payments solutions provider, is proud to announce its strategic integration with Xero, a global accounting platform. This partnership aims to simplify finance management for businesses, offering a comprehensive solution for seamless accounting and payroll operations.

Highlights of the Caxton and Xero integration:

  • Easier accounting, better business: Sync transactions, schedule payroll, and execute payments instantly, creating an efficient and hassle-free finance handling experience.

  • Caxton payroll payments:
  • Faster Process: Two days more for payroll preparation with Faster Payments.
  • Pay 24/7/365: Stick to payroll dates even on weekends or holidays.
  • More Control: Same-day payroll fixes with minimal impact on payees.
  • Less Risk: No client login or access to bank balances required.

  • Advanced payroll scheduling: Gain control over payroll timelines with flexible scheduling options, allowing payments to be sent out within seconds or scheduled for a future date.

  • Secure, authorised payment processing: Designed with security in mind, ensuring a clear separation of duties within your team for efficient and secure financial transactions.

  • Near instant payments with Faster Payments: Experience the speed of instant transactions, ideal for timely payroll execution, with recipients receiving funds almost immediately.

  • Integration with ease: Caxton Payments API offers a scalable, flexible, and secure way to embed payments into your client experience, ensuring compliance and efficient processing.

  • Dedicated account manager: Personalised service with a dedicated account manager who understands your unique needs and goals, providing specialised attention, tailored solutions, and proactive issue resolution.

"We are excited about the transformative potential of our integration with Xero. This collaboration empowers businesses to streamline their finance operations, providing a robust solution for accounting, payroll, and payment processing," said Paul Unwin, Payroll Integrations Manager at Caxton.

To witness the seamless integration in action, watch our quick demonstration led by Paul, showcasing the efficiency and simplicity of Caxton and Xero working together, here.

Caxton and Xero are committed to delivering unparalleled efficiency, security, and convenience in finance management. This integration marks a significant step towards empowering businesses to achieve their financial goals with ease.

Discover more about the integration: https://www.caxton.io/business/xero-integration

Book a 121 Demo: https://meetings-eu1.hubspot.com/paul-unwin

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