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Video | Introducing Any Card

Introducing 'Any Card', a cutting-edge addition to the Caxton Expense Management solution. This feature enables businesses of all sizes to seamlessly manage their expenses, no matter which card they use.

Any Card represents a significant advancement in Caxton’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly expense management solution. This new functionality allows users to integrate all types of payment cards—virtual, prepaid, corporate and personal—into a single platform, transforming how businesses manage their expenses.

Key Benefits

All-In-One Platform - Any Card enables users to consolidate all their transactions into a single platform, regardless of the card type. This not only simplifies expense tracking but also enhances the efficiency of the reconciliation process. No more sifting through multiple statements or spreadsheets. 

Enhanced Flexibility - Employees now have the option to request and use any card for business-related expenses. This flexibility empowers users to choose the payment method that best suits their needs and select which transactions to subsequently upload onto the platform.

Greater Oversight and Control - Owners and administrators can easily manage cards, approving or rejecting connections at any time. This ensures all transactions are monitored and authorised, providing a higher level of oversight and security.

How To Get Started 

To understand all the benefits of Any Card and how you can get started, watch the short video below. 


Find out more about Any Card and how you can transform your Expense Management by booking a meeting with our team today.