Case Study: Engcon

Engcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators and related tools – designed to improve the flexibility, precision, and safety of excavators. Engcon forms part of a larger group; consisting of the Strömsund-based parent company Engcon Holding AB, alongside seven sales companies responsible for sales in their respective markets across Europe, including England. Home to 300 employees, 2019 saw the Engcon Group garner 1.3 billion SEK in sales.

Expanding business abroad

When Engcon sought the expertise of Caxton, we quickly identified the solutions required to resolve the issues they were facing. Thanks to our expert FX specialists, we delivered a plan that limited the exposure of Engcon to the often fluctuating FX market – allowing them to focus on their day-to-day trading, and expand their business successfully through limited exposure to changes in the currency market.

Limiting exposure to Volatile FX markets

Engcon's CEO commented, “Caxton limits our exposure to changes in the market. So, we’re able to sell internationally as well as actively manage our foreign exchange rate. Caxton devised a plan to guarantee our exchange rates, despite the fact that Swedish Krona can be more difficult to plan for the future. The team’s experience leaves me to focus on daily operations. And if I have any queries, our dedicated account manager is always on had to help me, no matter what.”

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