Get more with our Rewarding Red Travel Money Card

Unlock unparalleled value with Caxton Red. For just £8 a month, enjoy worldwide usage with no FX mark-ups and earn reward points on UK spending.  Benefit from peer-to-peer transfers, first-class financial security and five-star customer service. It's the perfect choice for frequent travelers.


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Make memories with peace of mind

Caxton Red is the ultimate travel companion for frequent travelers. Enjoy the best foreign exchange rates with no FX mark-ups, backed by impenetrable security features. Let us protect your finances while you focus on making unforgettable memories.

WHITE - Expenses

Excellent exchange rates, zero FX mark-up

For just £8 a month, save money every time you spend, with the best rates and zero FX mark-up. It's simply a better way to travel.


Take us with you, one call away

Our friendly, five-star rated UK-based team is on hand to help you around the clock, and simply a phone call away. Manage your account 24/7 online or via the app.

WHITE - Global Card

Spend global, earn rewards local

No currency is foreign on your Caxton Red Card. Use fee-free* at over 35 million locations globally and earn points on UK spending. 

Trusted all over the world, for 20 years

Unlock 0% FX rates and zero mark-ups

No currency is foreign on your Caxton Red Card. Whether you load before you jet away or top-up on the go, you'll always get the best conversion rate and no FX mark-ups. For far flung destinations, simply load GBP and we'll convert at your exclusive 0% FX rate on the spot. 



It's the little things that make all the difference. Right?

Alongside 0% FX mark-ups and reward points on UK spend, enjoy nifty extras with your Caxton Red account that make a real difference. Plus enjoy discounted travel perks including airport parking, lounge access and more.

BLACK - Payroll

Say goodbye to IOUs with peer-to-peer transfers

Splitting your holiday accommodation with your friends or sharing the bill at lunch? Our 'peer-to-peer transfers' feature does the hard work for you.

BLACK - Cost certainty

Left over currency? We'll buy it back

Simply let us know when you're home and we'll but back any unused currency at the same rate you bought it.

BLACK - Card Hand

Need an additional card? No problem

Whether it's to keep as a spare or to give to a loved one, order up to five additional cards online for free.

Leave you wallet at home - pay with Apple Pay

Add your Caxton Travel Money Card to your Apple Wallet to unlock a world of payment freedom. Pay anywhere you see the Apple Pay logo or contactless sign. 


Your travel finances in one place

Our app lets you keep track of your spending from any time zone, 24 hours a day. Top-up your card, transfer money and it something's up, block your card instantly, without charge. Manage your finances, anytime, anywhere.


Flexible and secure funding options

Fund your Caxton Red Card and account flexibly via Open Banking  for quick and secure transfers, ensuring instant to-ups with minimal hassle. Alternatively, opt for the traditional method of Direct Debit. 


Security that's truly global

Unlike your bank card, a Caxton Card adds an impenetrable layer of security, with no access to your bank account and the ability to freeze and unfreeze your funds at a moments notice. Caxton protects your money like a shield, preserving your finances. No matter what. 



The total average saving for Caxton Card customers last summer was £445k

Our research published in CNN, BBC and MSN demonstrated that Britain could save around £60 million in fees, if everyone who went on holiday used a Caxton Card instead of their bank card.


Explore more, pay less with Caxton

Get your Caxton Red Travel Card today and embark on a journey filled with extraordinary experiences, memorable moments and seamless payment convenience. Some of the benefits include:

No mark-up 0% FX


Make international transfers


Up to 5 additional cards


Peer-to-peer transfers


Rewards on UK spending

Apply Pay and Google Wallet


Customer service 365 days


Buy Back Guarantee


Perks and discounts

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Money that moves as fast as you do

No currency is foreign with Caxton. Choose from our free Black Card with competitive FX rates or pay monthly to get 0% FX on our Red Card and if you need some extra cash, opt for our Cash Delivery Service.

Classic Black Card

Our traditional free currency card makes holidays a breeze. Simply top-up from within the app with no transaction fees.

Rewarding Red Card

£8 monthly fee for leading exchange rates, no FX mark-ups, and reward points for UK spending.

Travel Cash Delivery

Get travel money delivered straight to your door with our convenient cash delivery service. 


Market insight at your fingertips

Rate alerts straight to your inbox

Never miss a thing with our market rate alerts, delivered directly to your inbox. Choose between daily updates or as-needed notifications.

Monthly currency outlook webinar

Our flagship currency webinar provides valuable insights and predictions for all major G10 currencies.

Daily market insight - sign-up today

Stay ahead with our daily market email, that puts you in the driver's seat of currency transactions.

Apply for your currency card in minutes

Get your Caxton Red Currency Card today. And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a host of travel benefits and making travel, truly, the time of your life.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best currency card to use?


There are many different currency cards on the market offering different exchange rates, fees and benefits. Caxton currency cards allow you to spend abroad without fees, while providing the safety and convenience of a prepaid card. Choose our Red Card to get the best exchange rates.

What does a currency card do?


A currency card, also known as a travel card, or travel money card, provides better exchange rates than a traditional bank card and avoids expensive exchange fees. Caxton currency cards also allow you to buy and hold 15 different currencies, and our Red Card provides a range of exclusive benefits.

Are prepaid currency cards worth it?


Prepaid currency cards involve the user preloading the card with money before spending with them. This provides added security, as they are not directly linked to your bank account, and you decide how much money to have available. With Caxton currency cards, you can also buy and hold 15 different currencies, allowing you to lock in exchange rates if the market is in your favour.

What are the disadvantages of a travel money card?


Travel money cards are great as they allow you to easily spend your money in different currencies abroad. However, it may also be a good idea to carry cash when travelling, in case your card is stolen or lost, or if you are trying to buy from a cash-only establishment. The Caxton Cash Delivery service offers next day currency delivery to your home, in over 50 different currencies.

What is the best currency card to use?


There are many different currency cards on the market offering different exchange rates, fees and benefits. Caxton currency cards allow you to spend abroad without fees, while providing the safety and convenience of a prepaid card. Choose our Red Card to get the best exchange rates.