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Large money transfers are not run-of-the-mill transactions. Sending substantial amounts requires more attention, more care and more knowledge. Your tailored support specialist will be there with you helping dot the t's and cross the i's, right up until the moment you confidently hit send.


Welcome to the big money transfer movement

When you send large amounts of money abroad, you'll want as little friction as possible and to speak to someone you who is well-versed in sending large money transfers every day. When you open an account with Caxton, your dedicated big money expert will put you at ease to make your sizeable payment, a breeze.


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For over 20 years, Caxton has been at the forefront of developing systems and processes that make large transfers fast, easy, and secure. We protect your money like a shield, preserving your finances no matter what. From partnering with leading banks to implementing two-factor authentication and maintaining a dedicated anti-fraud team, Caxton ensures your money is always safe.


What documents do I need to make a large transfer

To send a large transfer securely there are some documents you'll want to prepare to make your transaction go smoothly and without delay.

E.g for a property sale: When you make a large transfer from a property sale, you'll need to provide us with official proof of where the money has come from. Simply, this means that you'll need to send us to your bank statement showing the name of the account holder, account number and sort-code, along with the solicitor's letter and the agreement of the sale, this enables you to avoid any set backs when transferring large amounts. Your dedicated large money transfers expert will be able to provide you with a full list of required docs for Loans, Inheritance, Salaries, Investments and more.


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