Travel Trends in 2024: Where To Next?

In January 2024, Caxton surveyed over 4800 customers about how they intend to holiday this year. We found several trends have been influencing not only where we go, but how we plan for it.

Holiday Planning

Personalisation is key this year, with 58.6% of respondents opting to independently book and plan their travel. Made possible by travel blogs and internet comparison sites, travellers are empowered to customise their itineraries and access seamless booking processes without unnecessary fees and wasted time. Nevertheless, there is still a reasonable number of people (20%) who instead choose the convenience of a travel agent or package holiday.

Holiday Duration

We also found that extended holidays are increasingly popular, with 52% of our respondents planning on taking trips of 2 or more weeks, nearly 30% planning to holiday for a week and less than 4% planning to go away for just a weekend . In many ways this is unsurprising: longer trips allow travellers more time to immerse themselves in local culture and fully explore their destination. Furthermore, you can get more value out of your transport costs by taking a longer trip – a return flight to France costs the same whether you are gone for one week or four!

Popular Destinations

In 2024, travellers are craving authenticity and genuine experiences with destinations and cultures. In an era marked by increased screen time and isolation, consumers may seek relief from the stress of everyday life by immersing themselves in the world around them. This sentiment is reflected in our recent findings of the top travel destinations for the year, with Spain prevailing with 44% of respondents planning to explore the country’s unique cuisines and culture. Following closely behind, with 28% of respondents planning to go, is France, renowned for its romantic ambiance and key attractions.

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