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Get your holiday accessories sorted so you can enjoy your trip in style, with these must-have travel companions.

From smart locks to luxury cashmere scarves, this page explores a curated selection of travel necessities. We have thought of all the things you may need so you don't have to.



Travel Secure

Apple Airtags, the ultimate travel companion

We all know travel can be stressful, with long queues at security, delayed flights and packed lounges being the most frequent irritation. However, the possibility of turning up to your destination and your luggage not appearing on the carousel can be the most frustrating of all. Apple's Airtags will help you track down your bags using bluetooth technology to within metres. Whilst you need an iPhone to use their tracking 'Find My' technology they are an affordable way to keep track of your possessions as well as being approved for use by the authorities such as the FAA. 


Essential travel security companions

Explore this curated selection of travel necessities designed to safeguard your travels.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Finder

Similar to the Apple Airtag, Tile Mate can help you keep track of your items but can be used with all platforms, including Android and iOS. 

Aluratek Bio-Key

Use your unique fingerprint to unlock your Bio-Key TouchLock, easily and with the upmost security.

PacSafe Bag Protector

The eXomesh wire cage system and high-quality closure system protects valuables from slash-and-run theft.

Anker Prime Power Bank

Charge multiple devices with Anker’s best in–class power bank, complete with 2 USB–C ports and 1 USB–A port, to deliver up to 250W of power.

Samsonite Luggage Strap

With a three-dial locking buckle, this helpful add-on to your suitcase security protocol will give you reassurance.

LEVEL8 Micro-Diamond Suitcase

This hard shell suitcase is made of 3-Layer 100% Germany Bayer polycarbonate and while it is high-strength and durable, it is also lightweight.

Travel Wallet Passport Holder

The Vantamo Neck Wallet with ScanShield Radio Frequency Shield Lining blocks scans keeping you secure from electronic theft.

GPS Tracker for Kids

Keep in control with this GPS tracker with real-time tracking, SOS alert, detailed route history and instant alerts for motion/collision.

KOPACK Anti Theft Backpack

With zero zippers/pockets on display at the front of bag, wallets, laptops and smart phones are securely stored inside the backpack.


Keeping up appearances

Aesop, the perfect sized on-the-move toiletry kit 

Flying need not wreak havoc on your skin. Luxury skincare brand, Aesop, has the perfect travel kit with all the essentials for travel in one handy travel box ready to decant into those see-through bags for security. Not only can you keep your skin moisturised and your teeth clean but there is a gorgeous smelling hand sanitizer. You don't need to turn up to your destination feeling as if you've been travelling all day, even if you have. 


Beauty & Styling Essentials

Finding the best beauty items for travel can be difficult at the best of times, but we have curated a list of firm favourites and ones with rave reviews, to keep you looking your best at any time, day or night.

GHD Travel Hairdryer

A small but mighty hairdryer that is more than stands up to its larger, home based rivals. This will ensure you have the hair you want no matter where you are. It also has dual voltage so perfect for travelling. It even comes in a smart travel case 

Elizabeth Arden Lip Balm

Unfortunately flying and travelling can lead to dry and chapped lips. A follow on from the iconic 8 hour cream this lip duo is a deep moisturising mask for night time and a balm for day time keeping them soft all day/night long. Highly recommended for travel and non-travel purposes.

Philips Clothes Steamer

When you don't have the time, space or inclination to iron your clothes but want to look chic, steam. This handheld, foldable steamer is perfect for removing creases from clothes when travelling.

Eborian BB Cream

A lightweight but gentle cream that leaves you looking like you have flawless skin, but without the aid of make up. A rare find.

Eborian BB Eye Concealer

The accompanying eye concealer, taking away dark circles whilst not sinking into all the nooks and crannys around your eyes unlike most other under eye concealers.

Shark 5-in-1 Hairdryer and Styling System

A complete hair styling tool for all hair types using the latest cool technology to lock styles into place. A great device to achieve all looks when away whether curly, straight or wavy. However, frizz won't be an issue when this is used!

This Works In Transit Wipes

These wipes are great for those wanting to clean their face whilst on the move. They create very little mess, are highly convenient for travel, made from cotton and are 100% biodegradable.

Murad Anti-Ageing Moisturiser with Broad Spectrum SPF

A fab anti-ageing moisturiser containing a broad spectrum spf. It is rich and sinks into skin quickly. It contains a high SPF so great for more mature skin types. Whilst the tube looks small, a little goes a long way.

La Roche Posay Anti-Ageing Sunscreen SPF50

A facial sunscreen especially for those looking to stop signs of sun damage in its tracks, or at least prevent more from happening. This lovely cream sinks into skin and is a great base for make up. It prevents sun spots as well as other sun damage protecting your skin for longer.

La Roche Posay Sunscreen SPF50

A handy bag sized sunscreen. A little goes a long way and gives great coverage. This lovely non-greasy sunscreen can be used on the face or body. Perfect for a short getaway somewhere hot

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

A lightweight, talc free dry shampoo designed to revive hair and extend time between washes, making your hair look clean, volumised and groomed no matter where you are.

Remington R6 Style Series Aqua Rotary Shaver R6000

A shaver that can be used on wet or dry skin, perfect for travel as it is lightweight and has a handy USB recharging cable. 


Robust & Stylish

The Antler Clifton Cabin Pocket Suitcase 

A hard wearing contemporary piece of luggage.  The exterior pocket makes accessing laptops, iPads etc. easy  especially when trying to navigate your way through airport security and having to separate your tech from your liquids! This suitcase can be stored inside the larger suitcases, of the same range, when packed away at home, or in a hotel room, when empty taking up little storage space.


Bags and Luggage

We have found some of the best travel bags, rucksacks and luggage to carry your essentials, stylishly. 

Antler Clifton Luggage Set

For those who may need more packing space than just a cabin bag, here is the matching set of 3 Antler suitcases. The set includes a cabin bag, medium and large suitcases. 

Briggs & Riley Duffel Garment Bag

This smart duffel bag opens up to reveal space to accommodate suits and other tailored items. It also has a separate compartment for shoes. Perfect for business travel or when more tailored clothing is required, such as for a destination wedding.

Briggs & Riley Backpack

A large backpack allowing you to combine work and travel in one. With enough pockets to carry your work essentials as well as a few days worth of clothes this backpack is an essential for easy travelling.

Troubadour Apex Backpack

A stylish but smaller alternative to the Briggs and Riley Backpack. Whilst not as big as that it is as useful for using at your destination as well as during your travels. With separate compartments it will be easy to reach essentials such as your laptop and headphones whenever you need them.

Bellroy Weekend Bag

This small bag packs a punch, maximising space, using compartments and zips so you can fit in enough items for a 4-5 day trip. Whilst being lightweight it is luxurious to the touch. But is made solely from recycled PET plastic bottles making it sustainable as well. 

Longchamp Large Pilage Bag

An iconic tote handbag. It is big enough to fit in a weekend's worth of clothes or just be that stylish accessory when travelling. Surprisingly capacious. 

Longchamp Medium Pilage Bag in Beige

This version looks fab and is still the iconic shape. BUT it can be folded up to a small size and easily stored when not in use. 

Gomatic Compression Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make travelling so much easier when you get to your destination, everything is well organised and ready to go. AND you can fit so much more into your luggage when using compression cubes. These Gomatic ones are strong, hold more than you think, are breatheable and you can see what is packed in each one through the mesh fabric.

Stackers Hanging Wash Bag

A large hanging wash bag that will carry all those toiletry essentials for a longer holiday. The detachable see-through pouch means you can separate out those bits you need during your flight, or if you just need a small wash bag for a weekend away.


Connected, anywhere

iPad Pro 2024 Edition

Stay in touch with the world with the latest 13 inch iPad pro with unmatched retinal display and an all day battery life with over 500GB of memory



Our ideas on the best technology to help on your travels, from adapter sets to gadgets. 

Kindle Paperwhite eBook

Whilst you don't get the 'feel' of a book, you can read pretty much any book on here, any time, including in the dark. This back lit electronic book is great for travelling. You don't need to take up precious weight and space with books but carry this instead.

Bose Headphones

Fantastic over the ear noise cancelling headphones allowing you to block out all other noise and concentrate on what you want to listen to. 

Apple Airpod Pro (2nd Generation)

Amazing sound and noise cancelling properties. These comfortable headphones can be switched to actively cancel out external noise allowing you to get on with listening to what you want to rather than other people or the noise of an airplane.

Apple World Traveler Kit

With 7 different AC plugs you can use any electrical item anywhere. It is also designed to work with all Apple devices.

Universal Travel Adapter

And an international travel adapter kit for anyone who is not an Apple fan.

GoPro Camera

This fully waterproof ultra high definition camera is compact and perfect for the intrepid traveler. It is simple to share videos with loved ones via social channels, keeping them up-to-date on all your adventures.


Keeping comfortable, on the move

Love Cashmere Scarf 

We all know a plane can get a little chilly so this scarf can be worn as a stylish accessory prior/following travelling but can act as a luxury blanket during the flight making sure you are the right temperature at all times. Cashmere is well known for its temperature control properties ensuring you don't get too hot, or too cold. 


Clothing & Accessories

Our curated list of accessories to help you stay comfortable on the move, whether whilst trying to get some shut eye or walking through airports. 

Ostrich Travel Pillow

A memory foam based pillow that is supportive, comfortable and dare we say it more stylish than the alternatives. It's cosy soft fabric makes it comfortable to rest on and gain some shut eye during longer journeys. Not only is it functional when it in use but also fits away in a handy compact bag and is machine washable.

Ostrich Eye Mask

Matching the travel pillow this eye mask is comfortable, breathable and more importantly offers 100% darkness allowing you to block out your travels and gain some shut eye.  The Velcro fastening ensures it fits  and stays in place every time.

Graham Cashmere Socks

Pure cashmere socks to keep your feet, and therefore you, warm during your flight.

Snugl Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

A handy combination of eye mask and ear plug set. This eye mask promises 100% darkness, but is also accompanied by the ear plug set, drowning out noise as well. The eye mask is made of silk so is breathable and gentle on the skin.

Lululemon Yoga Leggings

Athleisure gear at its best. They're comfortable and stretchy, they're perfect attire for travel. 

New Balance Trainers

Whilst they may be classed as 'Dad trainers' they are incredibly comfortable, perfect for travelling.

Toms Alpargata Shoes

Lightweight, comfortable and stylish shoes perfect for hotter climes. Available in a multitude of colours to suit all tastes.

Ralph Lauren Sliders

Beach shoes at their best. 

Weatherman Umbrella

Be prepared for any weather including a tropical downpour with this compact umbrella that can withstand 45mph winds. 

Chilly's Water Bottle

Insulated water bottle allowing cold water to stay cold in hot weather even if left in direct heat all day or hot drinks to stay hot no matter how cold outside. Available in various sizes including 330ml (great for coffees on the go) and larger for water 500ml and 1 litre

Foldable Ray-Bans

Iconic wayfarer sunglasses, but foldable, making them so portable and easy to take with you on your travels.

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