Our top picks of European city breaks for Valentine’s day in 2024

Valentine’s Day has become a significant day we put aside to appreciate the special someone in our life. In theory, every day is an opportunity to show feelings to your loved ones, but at times that principle proves wildly idealistic. This is your time to show your unconditional love for you partner and indulge in Valentine’s Day with gifts they can cherish forever. Look no further than our top picks of the most romantic European city breaks for this major 2024 calendar date!

Rome, Italy - "Roman Serenade"


Eternal Love in the Eternal City. Begin your romantic adventure in Rome by immersing yourself in the timeless charm of Hotel Artemide – a centrally located boutique hotel that has a rooftop terrace boasting panoramic views and offers a blend of modern luxury and historic elegance. Treat yourself and your loved one to an intimate dining experience at Da Enzo al 29, a trattoria known for serving delectable Roman cuisine. Wind down the day by enjoying a stroll through cobblestone streets, indulge in local street food, and visit iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain without compromising your budget.

Seville, Spain - "Amor en Flamenco"


Flamenco Nights and Orange Blossoms. Head further south from Barcelona and you can experience the beauty of Andaluisa in sunny Seville, Spain. Devour their incredible cuisine with slow cooking techniques and the array of spices. In addition, a trip to beautiful Seville can be really affordable too! Dive into a lively local tapas bar offering an array of flavourful bites at Taberna Coloniales. Lose yourself and explore the charming streets of Triana, the city’s history comes alive in the Alcazar, creating an enchanting backdrop for your romantic getaway.

Budapest, Hungary - "Danube Dreams"


Thermal Baths and Danube Sunsets. Budapest has all the elements of a great European city: culture, great food, beautiful architecture and plenty of personality! Savour the richness of Hungarian cuisine at Hungarikum Bisztro, where traditional flavours come alive in every dish. Budapest also makes a great place to visit with friends – Galantine’s Day perhaps? The various options for night life are fun to explore with friends while appreciating the platonic love you all share for one another!

Lisbon, Portugal - "Amor en Azulejo"


Begin your romantic adventure with a Sunset Fado Cruise on the Tagus River, immersing yourselves in the soulful melodies of Fado. Explore the historic charm of the Alfama district with the Memmo Alfama hotel welcoming you with a chic and comfortable retreat with a view. Let the soulful notes of Fado serenading you through narrow alleyways will definitely give an immersive romantic experience as you explore the Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery that showcase Lisbon’s maritime history. For a culinary delight, experience a meal at a Bairro Alto Rooftop Restaurant, offering panoramic views.

Tromsø, Norway - "Arctic Aurora Embrace"


Fancy seeing the northern lights this year? This is one romantic city break you will cherish forever as you discover northern Europe’s most captivating winter destinations.
Delight in the Nordic cuisine at Emma’s Drommekjokken, and venture into the winter wonderland of Tromsø, indulging in activities like snowshoeing and the magical spectacle of the Northern Lights for your romantic rendezvous. You can also visit the enchanting city of Alesund, seeing the royal city of Trondheim and stand in Europe's northernmost city Honningsvag.

We hope you’re inspired to surprise that special someone with a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day! However you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day, remember that you can enjoy fee-free spending when you use your Caxton currency card. Make the most out of your money by logging into your account to top up your card ahead of your journey. Or if you’re new to how pre-paid currency cards work, learn more about how you can spend and save money before you register an account with us

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