Caxton announces partnership with LiNGER

Caxton, the industry-leading payments solutions provider, announces its strategic partnership with LiNGER, an independent travel company specialising in bespoke sabbatical and experiential holidays. This collaboration marks the union of two leaders in the travel market, offering clients an integrated travel experience and tailored services from travel money management to meticulously organised journeys.

LiNGER, a dedicated team of sabbatical planners, takes pride in guiding and inspiring individuals at every stage of their journey. Whether you're contemplating the idea of a sabbatical or ready to embark on your dream trip, LiNGER ensures a seamless adventure filled with unpretentious luxury, away from the typical tourist destinations. Every detail is meticulously tailored, ensuring the trip of a lifetime.

Steve Wilson, Founder of LiNGER, emphasises the importance of careful financial planning during extended sabbaticals:
“The complex nature and lengthy duration of a sabbatical trip requires careful financial planning when on the road. We’re delighted to partner with Caxton who can provide the necessary tools and advice when juggling a potential wide range of currencies in often off-the-beaten-path destinations and enable our travellers to have clear control over their trip expenditure.”

For those considering a sabbatical, LiNGER invites you to contact them for an informal chat, kick-starting your journey to an extraordinary travel experience.



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